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Birthdate:May 17
Website:Zero Point Information
I'm Stew Wilson, freelance writer and IT geek. Mostly, this journal serves as a place to empty my head, link to interesting stuff, create characters for roleplaying games, and crosspost from my other blogs about working in the gaming industry, and being interested in food..

Some of the head-emptying is of a political bent, a subject where I trend far left of centre—somewhere between Bakunin and Kropotkin. Other stuff I'll witter about includes futurism (including technological utopianism), cooking, photography, writing, the philosophy of personality, and some rants that I try to make entertaining. I used to use this journal as a place to showcase stories.

I'm a cis male human being in a relationship with a wonderful woman. I'm 190cm (6'3"), am of average build, change my hair colour every couple of months, and take great joy from having sported a beard before sporting a beard before it was cool was cool.

All content mine except where clearly marked. Few rights reserved. Creative Commons BY-NC-SA licence is in force. Rip, mix, burn. Culture is the only freedom left.

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