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So, that was a thing that happened.

Back to the Beltane Fire Festival for the first time in ten years---I last did the 20th anniversary, and this year was the 30th. It's changed a lot, but I still got to carry one of the burning torches, just as I did my first time in 2005. Even in a (relatively) low-impact group, it's taken up most of my brainspace over the last two months. And now it's over and I don't quite know what to do with myself.

I didn't get the buzz, the sense of wonder of the first time. You never can; nobody can recover the dizzying high of an opening night. That's not to say it wasn't great fun, exciting and exhausting in equal measure.

I have some gripes about how things went on the night. After the hill and the after-party and the whole liminal recovery time of yesterday, I'm still knackered and aching, and I've still got facepaint in my ears. But that will pass and the memories will persist, of the fire and the drums and the crowd, of looking like a punk-rock Pennywise.

I am glad I went back. I'll probably be back for future events (at least until I burn out again). I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed it.