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I'm Stew Wilson, freelance writer and IT geek. Mostly, this journal serves as a place to empty my head, link to interesting stuff, and create characters for roleplaying games. If that interests you, you may want to check out my list of roleplaying games I have to trade.

Some of the head-emptying is of a political bent, a subject where I trend far left of centre. Other stuff includes futurism (including technological utopianism), cooking, photography, writing, the philosophy of personality, and some rants that I try to make entertaining. I used to use this journal as a place to showcase stories however I've not had time to write anything for free recently.

I'm a straight cisgendered male human being in a committed long-term relationship. I stand 6'3" tall (190cm), am of average build, last had my hair cut professionally in 1999, and take great joy from sporting a beard.

Credits: Default icon is an original piece by [profile] palominomule. B&W photomanip by [personal profile] catnik. Corax/raven shadow by [profile] chrisondra. Virtual Adept and Strength icons by Ian Watson. Buzzsaw and Rumble by Matt Moylan.

All content mine except where clearly marked. Few rights reserved. Creative Commons BY-NC-SA licence is in force. Rip, mix, burn. Culture is the only freedom left.

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